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Why Chaos Rings II Matters?

I can’t give a full review yet because the game has only been on the app store for about 12 hours. So far, I am seeing exactly what we have come to expect from a square jrpg. It is not innovative or original, and if you have been under a rock since FF1 you will still be in familiar territory, and to be honest I am ok with that.

I am ok with this, because this game does everything really well. The game mechanics are great, production value is amazing, and the battle system works well with the multi touch. This game once again shows how the gap between mobile and console gaming is shortening in length. Using AirPlay on an HDTV really shows how phenomenal the graphics are, and you forget that it’s being projected by a smartphone. The price tag is steap, but remember this is not angry birds. This is a full fledge 50 hour plus square production.

If this was on the vita we would be seeing a 49.99$ price tag. So please stop complaining about the price, because in all fairness this is the path we want. More in depth fully polished gameplay. If square is going to take the time and make a real go at ios gaming then I will hands down reward them with my dollar. If you are looking for a console like rpg that’s not infinite blade 2 then this is. You will be amazed at what this game does well.